New Beginnings 2020
$180,000 needed

NEW BEGINNINGS is the campaign we started in 2018 to build a new facility for the Godwin Vocational Training Center in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

From its inception in 2011, the school has focused on training women who are disadvantaged either by poverty, sexual abuse, teenage pregnancies, and/or domestic violence.  Most of these young women have dropped out of school and are chronically marginalized because of their lack of education and social status.  The Godwin Vocational Training Center exists to give these women a second chance at an education and enable them to carve out a career and, perhaps, to own their own business.

The problem is, the current building has become too small to house all of the components of the school. As it has grown, it has become not only a Vocational School but also a Daycare, Kindergarten and Primary School.  This enables the women to bring their children to the same location where they themselves are studying.  Right now, the primary school meets outside on tables due to a lack of space. The proposed new facility will enable the Vocational School to add additional curriculum to their current list of classes in Catering, Tailoring & Dressmaking, Gara Tie-Dying, Art & Craft, Computer Studies, Hairdressing, Adult Literacy, and Business Studies/Entrepreneurship.  It will also bring all of the children’s care and schooling under the same roof; a big bonus in a country where, on average, it rains one hundred inches during its six-month-long rainy season.


Raised to date

Project Classroom Becomes Source of Celebration

Our first big project was the construction of a two-story, 5,500 sq. ft. school for the Door International Academy in the village of Lungi, a coastal community located just above Freetown in Sierra Leone, West Africa. It was completed in 2017 and the final construction cost was $79,000, a modest $14.36 per sq.ft. Two of our board members, Steve and Jean Stiles, were in Lungi on April 15, 2017 and participated in the school's dedication ceremony, complete with ribbon cutting!

Teacher Certification

We’re at the end of a three-year program of funding to gain State certification for the teachers of the

Door International Academy. This opens up curriculum opportunities for them and insures validity for the school.

In-service Training

The Signpost MissionWorks team made a trip to Lungi in 2013 to bring much-needed supplies and to

provide in-service training to the staff of the Door International Academy.

Our team demonstrated how to teach with the various new materials and also built lasting relationships with the staff there in Lungi. This will be an on-going feature of Signpost MissionWorks and we plan to return to West Africa as soon as we can. It was on this trip that we promised to build them a school!

Ebola Relief

Ebola hit hard in Sierra Leone at the beginning of 2014 and people were desperate for basic essentials such as clean water and materials to maintain proper hygiene. Signpost MissionWorks teamed with the Door Christian Fellowship in Freetown to provide those materials, particularly to outlying areas.


Lungi is a fairly rural community and many children could not attend without the help of transportation.  We purchased this bus for the school in 2013 and enrollment shot up soon afterward, not only because of the obvious solution to transportation needs, but also because the bus itself serves as a symbol of a school that is serious about serving the community.

Wilberforce Relief

In 2012, water diversion walls were constructed at the Door Christian Fellowship in the Wilberforce

Barracks suburb of Freetown. This was done to alleviate the flooding that occurs during their six-month rainy season each year.


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