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Project Classroom

In the year 2016-2017 Signpost MissionWorks funded the construction of a two-story, 5,500 sq. ft. school for the Door International Academy in the village of Lungi, a coastal community located just above Freetown in Sierra Leone, West Africa. The final construction cost was $79,000, a modest $14.36 per sq.ft. Two of our board members, Steve and Jean Stiles, were in Lungi on April 15, 2017 and participated in the school dedication ceremony complete with ribbon cutting!

Beginning May 8, 2017 the children no longer go to school in a single

room church building. The eight new classrooms are spacious, quiet and

individualized for each grade.

                                                 The school principal, local tribal chief, parents

                                                 and teachers all say the new school building

                                                 is improving the educational opportunities for

                                                 the children of this community.

                                                 And they say it will stand as a symbol of hope

                                                 for generations to come.


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