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Hope is a gift from God that only we can give one another.

-Elie Weisel


             We're on an exciting adventure in West Africa to create a healthy environment for children and adults so that they can learn and thrive in all

dimensions of their lives: mental, social, physical and spiritual.  It is our faith that compels us to love God and serve others.

             And so we work with local pastors as well as government and community leaders in Sierra Leone who are committed to promoting the growth of

students and their families in all four dimensions.  Our role is to assist these in-country leaders with the work they have already begun.

Our latest campaign

Raise The Roof!

We're building a women's vocational school in West Africa                         and are in the final phase.
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Raise The Roof! 2021

The GODWIN VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER (GVTC) in Sierra Leone, West Africa opened its doors in 2011.  From the start, the school has focused on training women who are disadvantaged either by poverty, sexual abuse, teenage pregnancies, and/or domestic violence.  Most of these young women dropped out of school early and are chronically marginalized because of their lack of education and social status. 


                  The Godwin Vocational Training Center exists

                   to give these women a second chance at an

                   education and to enable them to carve out a

                   career and one day own their own business

                   and become leaders in their community.

With its success, the GVTC has become not only a Vocational School but also a Daycare, Kindergarten and Primary School. As a result, the current building has become too small to accommodate all of the students.  The new facility will enable the Vocational School to add additional curriculum to their current list of classes in Catering, Tailoring & Dressmaking, Gara Tie-Dying, Art & Craft, Computer Studies, Hairdressing, Adult Literacy and Business Studies/Entrepreneurship.  It will also bring all of the children’s care and schooling under the same roof; a big bonus in a country where, on average, it rains 100 inches during the six-month-long rainy season.


raised to date overall

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